St Mary the Protectress Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church
3176 St Paul Blvd
Rochester, NY 14617-3433

Welcome to St Mary the Protectress Ukrainian Orthodox Church

We're located at 3176 St. Paul Blvd. in Rochester New York

Our church follows the Julian (old) calendar.  All Orthodox Christians are welcome and encouraged to participate in the Blessed Sacraments of Repentance and Eucharist.

On this site you will find information about our church, the Orthodox faith, and events taking place in our parish.  We welcome new parishioners and always look forward to meeting you in person.  We sincerely hope that you will find this site helpful.  If you have any questions about our church, please feel free to contact Father Igor Krekhovetsky or Lydia Dzus, Parish Council president via email using this site.


Наша Церква дотримується Юліанського (старого стилю) календара. Всі Православні християни запрошуються і можуть брати участь в Святих Тайнах Покаянні і Євхаристії.

На цім сайті Ви знайдете інформацію про нашу Церкву, Православну віру і про всі події, які відбуваються в нашій парафії.  Ми завжди раді новим парафіянам і раді познайомитися з Вами персонально. Ми щиро надіємось, що цей сайт допоможе вам. Якщо Ви маєте якісь питання про нашу Церкву, Ви можете звернутися до отця Ігора Креховецького, або до голови парафіальної управи Ліда Джус.

We are asking for your prayers and support in order to stop the war in Ukraine.

This Month's Notable Holy Days

Nativity of John the Baptist _ July 7
Nativity of John the Baptist _ July 7
Nativity of John the Baptist _ July 7
Apostles Peter and Paul _ July 12
Apostles Peter and Paul _ July 12
Apostles Peter and Paul _ July 12
Great Prince Volodymir _ July 28
Great Prince Volodymir _ July 28
Great Prince Volodymir _ July 28
July 2024 Liturgical Schedule

Потрібні волонтери / Volunteers needed.

Від заснування нашої парафії догляд за храмом та навколо нього здійснювали волонтери, члени Свято-Михайлівського братства. Настав час, коли цих волонтерів стало менше, вони досягли своїх фізичних обмежень і не можуть продовжувати легко виконувати необхідне технічне обслуговування церкви, залу та території церкви. Звертаємось до чоловічої статі нашої парафії, закликаємо їх приєднатися до братства та взяти на себе обов’язки щодо утримання церковного майна в належному стані. Будь ласка, зв’яжіться з нашим поточним менеджером нерухомості, Володею Любезним, і запропонуйте добровільно присвятити свій час служінню нашій парафії. Ваша допомога буде дуже вдячна.


From the establishment of our parish, maintenance in and around the church was performed by volunteers, members of St. Michael's Brotherhood. The time has come in that these volunteers are fewer in numbers and have reached their physical limitations and cannot continue to easily do the needed maintenace on the church, the hall and church grounds. We're appealing to the male members of our parish, calling them to join the brotherhood and begin to take over the responsibilities of keeping the church assets in good condition. Please contact our current property manager, Volodya Lyubeznyy, and offer to volunteer your time in service to our parish. Your help will greatly be appreciated.



The Sisterhood is off for the summer, see you in the Fall!

The next Sisterhood Food Sale will return in the Fall

We can't wait to see you again! 


Have a Wonderful Summer!


The Pantanassa Icon

Our thanks to our generous parishioners and friends.



Thank you to all our parishioners and friends who continue to support our parish by sending donations by mail. Please mail your contribution to:   St. Mary the Protectress Ukrainian Orthodox Church, 3176 St. Paul Blvd, Rochester NY 14617


Дякуємо всім нашим парафіянам та друзям, які продовжують підтримувати нашу парафію, надсилаючи пожертви поштою. Будь ласка, надішліть свій внесок до: St. Mary the Protectress Ukrainian Orthodox Church, 3176 St. Paul Blvd, Rochester NY 14617

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Donations Appreciated


Many churches today face decreasing membership numbers - St Mary's is no different.  Our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents built one of the most beautiful Ukrainian Orthodox churches in the United States!! They did it by working hard and by making contributions... in many ways.  Why?  To give their children and future generations a special place to worship.

Many of them are no longer with us, but their dream lives on.  Your help is needed to keep their dream alive.  Our annual expenses are over $125,000.00 and are growing each year. This year, in particular, we have agressively made many needed repairs: repairs to the front steps, the renovation and painting of the interior of the church, renovation of the hall kitchen, and many other areas as well. We face the difficult task of trying to pay for all those repairs. We thank our volunteers for the enormous work done to date. Please help by volunteering your time or by making a donation.  Thank You!

Kindly send your donation, no matter the amount, to:

St Mary Ukrainian Orthodox Church, 3176 St. Paul Blvd, Rochester  NY 14617-3433

Calling on our Parish Members for Volunteer Work


  Don't have time every week or month?  Just an hour or two whenever would help.

Our Sisterhood needs "crimpers" to make varenyky and if you don't know how... WE'LL TEACH YOU.  Or you can make potato or cheese balls, cut out circles of dough, or help with other fun tasks.   We'll provide a meal and great conversations with a terrific group of ladies.  We get together monthly starting at 5:00 pm.  Join us whenever you can and be ready to have fun - no appointment necessary.  If you'd rather sell, serve or wash a few pots and pans, why not pop in at our monthly Food Sale - lunch will be provided. 

The Brotherhood can also use volunteers for repairs, cleaning and general property maintenance around the church property.  Yes, the Brotherhood also provide meals and something to whet your whistle too.  Contact Walter (585) 748-4202 to sign up and to get the work schedule.

Did You Know?

Do You Want to Live Longer?  Here's how...

Attending weekly religious services can add seven (7) years to your life, concluded Christopher Ellison in a study of 22,000 Americans at University of San Antonio last year.

More than 100 studies suggest that regular prayer, meditation and connection with a faith community can lower blood pressure, boost immune functions, improve sleep, enhance recovery from illness and lower the chance of heart disease and cancer.  Spiritual practices can thicken the brain cortext to defend against depression as well, a 2013 Columbia University study found.

Now that you know the secret, please join us Sunday.


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