Holodomor - 11/23/08

Holodomor Invitation (November 23, 2008)
Holodomor - Ukraine's Famine History
Daria Hanuchevsky welcoming attendees
Anna Bucierka - Emcee
Irene Russnak. Thank you for initiating this commemoration.
Irene Russnak with Luba Bilozir-Baran Lighting Memorial Flame
Committee Members
Tania Behnini sang "The Lord's Prayer", with Nicole Sleight at piano
Stephania Romaniuk sang "Psalm for Those Who Died in the Holodomor", with Michael Kaufman
Lidia Zacharkiw read a poem "Children of Holodomor", and presented a History of the Holodomor
Stephanie Wowkowych read the first Famine Testimonial
Parania Smith read a second Testimonial
Zinnia Dzus-DeBole read a third Testimonial
Luba Bilozir-Baran read the fourth Testimonial
Anna Kaczanowicz, last Rochester survivor of the Holodomor
The Dzus Twins, Lydia & Zina DeBole, sang "Ava Maria" and "To Your Grace"
Alexsandra Riznik read her mother's (Anna Kaczanowicz) testimonal
Anna Kaczanowicz - her testimonial still too painful to recount after all these years.
Lydia Dzus read her mother's (Maria Dzus) testimonal
Tania Begnini, at the end of the ceremony, sang "Hail Mary"
Father Igor Krekhovetsky says a prayer and concludes the Commemoration
The Holodomor Committee
The Holodomor Committee with priests and Anna Kaczanowicz, survivor